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Flame Photometer LMFM- A100


Flame Photometer LMFM- A100 is a scientific tool used to quantify the concentration of specific chemical substances particularly alkali and alkaline earth metals in a solution. It functions using the fundamental ideas of flame emission spectroscopy, which includes sample ingestion at a rate of 6 mL per min. Especially beneficial for analyzing elements with strong atomic emission lines, which include sodium (Na) and potassium(K).

Specifications :
Elements Detected K, Na
Sample Uptake < 6mL/ min
Response Time < 8 s
Dimension 400 × 250 × 500 mm
Repeatability < 3% coefficient of variation for 7 consecutive samples
Range K 0 to 100 ppm, Na 0 to 160 ppm
Sensitivity K 0.01 ppm, Na 0.01 ppm
Linearity K 0.195 ppm, Na 0.69 ppm
Power Supply AC 220 V;50 Hz
Power Consumption 250 W
Net Weight 8 Kg
Features :
  • -  Conveniently built with a USB port making it easy to connect to peripheral devices
  • -  7-inch color touchscreen provides a clear and vibrant display
  • -  Enables the determining of various concentration units
  • -  Incorporated with an Optical Lens System for better isolation and focus of emitted light
  • -  Analysis requires only a small quantity of samples
  • -  Provide with an automatic gas on/off mechanism for safety purposes
  • -  Built-in thermal printer makes it user-friendly
  • -  Allows to choose from different flame sizes
  • -  Simplified device with cost-effective maintenance
Applications :

The Flame Photometer is used for estimating the concentration of metal ions in a solution. Mainly used in industries like pharmaceutical, and petrochemical industries for environmental and agricultural analysis.