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Vertical Autoclave LMVT-A201

Vertical Autoclave LMVT-A201

Vertical Autoclave LMVT-A201 is a compact and spacious-free autoclave that offers outstanding performance during sterilization of laboratory applications. It features a capacity of 50 L that stimulates a temperature range between 105 °C to 134 °C. All parameters displayed on the LED screen allow intuitive operation for quick recognition. Improved with handle door lock system to ensure sample safety with advanced protocol.

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Capacity 50 L
Temperature Range 134 °C
Maximum Pressure 0.23 MPa
Time Range 0 - 99 min or 0 - 99 hours 59 min
Chamber Size φ 340 × 550 mm
Working Pressure 0.22 MPa
Sterilizing Temperature 105 °C - 134 °C
Power 3 kW
Voltage 220 V
Heat Average ≤ ± 1 °C
Dimension 510 × 570 ×1130 mm
Net Weight 68 Kg
Gross Weight 88 Kg

point.png User-friendly easy to view LED display offers clear observation of working temperature

point.png Structured with robust and spark-free stainless steel ensures long-term usability

point.png Equipped with a corrosion-resistant chamber enables tool-free cleaning

point.png Effortless handling with minimal maintenance

point.png Easily adjustable with high reliability and safety

point.png Employed with alarm alert indication during automatic shut-off

point.png Configured with a safety control system to prevent protection against overloading and temperature deviation

point.png Improved with auto discharge of cool air and steam to ensure worry-free operation

It is extensively used to sterilize surgical equipment, laboratory instruments, pharmaceutical items, and other materials.

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Vertical Autoclave LMVT-A201