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Vacuum Oven LMVO-A501

Vacuum Oven LMVO-A501

Vacuum Oven LMVO-A501 is an efficient device often operated at RT +10 to 200°C. Designed with an easy-to-clean stainless steel rectangular 50 L chamber and a door with a silicone sealing loop, resulting in maximum effective volume in the chamber. The microcomputer control system offers perfect uniformity, accurate temperature, super-fast heating rates, minimum heat loss with very low power consumption. One can achieve uniform heating with the vacuum ovens in the presence of inert gas.

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Capacity 50 L
Material of Working Chamber Stainless steel
Tray 2
Range of Temperature control RT +10 to 200°C
Temperature Fluctuation ±1%
Vacuum Pump -
Vacuum Degree <133Pa
Power 220V, 50Hz
Input Power 1400W
Working Size (W× D ×H) 415×345×370 mm
Dimensions (W× D ×H) 590 × 490 × 450 mm

point.png Rectangular chamber accommodating maximum effective volume

point.png Microcomputer temperature control system ensuring precise and reliable temperature control

point.png The airtightness of the chamber door is adjustable, and the door is designed with a silicone sealing rubber loop assuring high vacuum in the chamber

point.png The operation room with stainless steel plate ensures the durability of the goods

point.png The storage, heating, experimentation, and drying can be carried with an inert gas without utilizing the oxygen, therefore, preventing oxidation

point.png Integrated with a minimum heating period, the heating period is reduced by more than 50% compared with the traditional unit

Most compatible with highly labile biological samples having excessive moisture or low tolerance to heat. It is widely used in drying and curing processes in the fields of pharmaceuticals, textiles, paper, ceramics, and rubber.

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Vacuum Oven LMVO-A501