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Ultrasonic Homogenizer LMUH-A102

Ultrasonic Homogenizer LMUH-A102

Ultrasonic Homogenizer LMUH-A102 utilizes high-frequency sound waves (ultrasound) to disrupt and disperse particles in a liquid medium. Our homogenizer accommodates disruption capacity of 0.1 to 500 mL that stimulate at frequency range up to 20 to 25 kHz. Microcomputer control system automatically modifies to identify and alert users to any malfunctions or operational issues. TFT touch screen display configured for intuitive operation.

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Ultrasonic Power 10 to 650 W
Disruption Capacity 0.1 - 500 mL
Standard Probe ɸ 6 mm
Optional Probe ɸ 2, ɸ 3, ɸ 10, ɸ 12 mm
Operating Frequency 20 - 25 KHz, Automatic Tracking
Temperature Control Range 0 - 100 °C
Data Storage 20 sets
Ultrasonic Setting Time 0.1 - 99.9 s
Total Working Time 1 - 99 h 59 m 59 s
Alarm function Time, temperature, over load and no-load
Power 220V / 50 Hz
Dimension 410 x 225 x 290 mm

point.png Single chip microcomputer controlled with TFT Touch Screen

point.png Sample temperature detection

point.png Memory storage up to 20 groups

point.png Automatic frequency tracking and automatic fault alarm

point.png Overload protect function

point.png Voice alarm for over temperature or operation error

point.png Optional Function: Data printing function and sound proof cabinet lighting and sterilization

Ultrasonic homogenizers is mainly used in biological and chemical laboratories for DNA, RNA, and protein extraction, as well as for preparing samples for chromatography, spectroscopy, and other analytical techniques.

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Ultrasonic Homogenizer LMUH-A102