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Real Time PCR LMRT-A100

Real Time PCR LMRT-A100

Labmate LMRT-A100 is a Real Time Fluorescent Quantitative PCR universally used to measure gene expression. It is a 48 well capacity PCR. It is extremely sensitive in detecting the result using real time monitoring. It detects and calculates the positive and negative result automatically. It also estimates the standard curve, absolute quantities, multiple quantities, gene mutation, melting cure, gene amplification efficiency etc.

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Temperature Range 48 wells x 0.2 mL
Heating rate 4 – 100 °C
Cooling Rate 4.5 °C/S
Temp Accuracy 3 °C/S
Temp Uniformity ± 0.1 °C
Gradient Temp region ± 0.15 °C
Number of detection channel 4
Standard Wavelength 4
Detected Fluorescence F1: 470 - 525 nm F2: 525 - 575 nm F3: 575 - 620 nm F4: 620 - 675 nm
Working environmental temperature FAM, SYBR GREEN/EVA GREEN, LC GREEN/FLUORESENCE, VIC/HEX/TET/Cy3/Cy3.5/JOE/YELLOW555. Rox/ TEXAS RED,Cy5 etc
Storage temperature 18-35 °C
Environmental Relative Humidity -20 °C - -55°C
Working Voltage <85%

point.png Fluorescence Detection channels

point.png 3 zone independent temperature control

point.png Thermal compensation technology

point.png Wide temperature range

point.png LED excitation light source

point.png Stable optical signals

point.png Auto detection of result and curve estimation

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Real Time PCR LMRT-A100