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Polyethylene Transfer Pipette LMTP-A101

Polyethylene Transfer Pipette LMTP-A101

Polyethylene Transfer Pipette LMTP-A101 is specifically crafted for single use, preventing contamination, and making it ideal for precise liquid transfers without the risk of unintended spills. It offers outstanding performance while sampling is provided by the effortless handling of a sample with a loading capacity of 1 mL. Enhanced with a heat-sealed tip, it provides a secure barrier against liquid leakage that ensures the reliability of liquid transfer processes, maintaining precision and accuracy.

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Capacity 1 mL
Length 145 mm
Drop Volume 45 μL

point.png Designed with a heat-sealed tip to prevent any potential liquid leakage

point.png Improved with low-density polyethylene, thermoplastic material ensures flexibility and resilience for precise liquid handling

point.png Integrated with high transparency, allowing for clear visibility of the liquid contents during transfer, that ensures easy and controlled dispensing

point.png Crafted with a non-sterile configuration offers accurate liquid handling and maintains a sterile environment

point.png Minimal Maintenance with safety and sanitation

point.png Hygienic cleaning with high reliability and durability

It is widely used in the medical field and laboratory for sample preparation, processing of serum or plasma, and reagent delivery in diagnostic tests.

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Polyethylene Transfer Pipette LMTP-A101