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Microcentrifuge Tubes LMMT-C100

Microcentrifuge Tubes LMMT-C100

Microcentrifuge Tubes LMMT-C100 is designed with a loading capacity of 2.0 mL for handling and processing small liquid samples in laboratory settings. Equipped with an attached cap to prevent misplacement and minimize the risk of contamination. Easily observed the inside sample through transparent material. Configured with graduate Labelling mark ensure convenient sample identification and tracking.

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Capacity 2.0 mL
Type Common
Length of tube 42 mm
Diameter of the tube 11 mm

point.png Maximum RCF 28000 x g

point.png Working Temperature is -90 °C to 121 °C

point.png Conical bottom design

point.png Autoclavable temperature is +121 °C

point.png Material: Polypropylene

point.png Frosted marking area on tube and cap

point.png Attached cap

Microcentrifuge Tubes is widely used laboratories and research institute for DNA and RNA extraction, protein purification, and separation of cellular components.

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Microcentrifuge Tubes LMMT-C100