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Microcentrifuge Tubes LMMT-B100

Microcentrifuge Tubes LMMT-B100

Microcentrifuge Tubes LMMT-B100 is a compact and lightweight tube designed for single-use, reducing the risk of cross-contamination offering convenience, and reliability in handling and processing small liquid samples. Our tube available in various sizes, commonly ranging from 1.5 / 1.6 / 1.7 mL. Crafted with polypropylene material enduring and resistant to chemicals guarantee worry-free operation. It functions between -90°C and 121°C in temperature range suitable for both freezing and high-temperature applications.

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Capacity 1.5 / 1.6 / 1.7 mL
Type Common
Length of tube 41 mm
Diameter of the tube 11 mm

point.png Equipped with attached cap that reduces risk of misplacement and ensure secure sealing

point.png Employed with transparent plastic that enhances clear visibility of inside sample

point.png Include frosted marking area provides a designated space on both the tube and the cap for easy and clear labeling

point.png Utilized with conical bottoms allow for efficient pellet formation during centrifugation

point.png Tool-free cleaning with minimal maintenance

Microcentrifuge Tubes is widely used laboratories and research institute for DNA and RNA extraction, protein purification, and separation of cellular components.

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Microcentrifuge Tubes LMMT-B100