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Micro Blood Collection Tube LMMB-A400

Micro Blood Collection Tube LMMB-A400

Micro Blood Collection Tube LMMB-A400 is designed to minimize the amount of blood needed for testing, which makes it ideal for blood collection and sample transportation. It features a capacity up to 0.25 mL. Our tube sealed with a rubber stopper made of butyl, guaranteeing an airtight and safe closure. Configured with a double orientation structure, enhancing safety during transportation and minimizes the risk of damage or breakage during handling.

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Additives Lithium Heparin / Sodium Heparin
Maximum Capacity 0.25 mL
Plug Colour Green
Bottom Type Self-Standing
Net Weight / Case 6 kg

point.png Crafted with high quality Polypropylene (PP) body ensure safety and longevity

point.png Include safety measures to effectively prevent blood leakage, guaranteeing the integrity of the sample

point.png Fitted with a color-coded plug for easy identification and categorization

point.png Facilitates automatic sampling reduces the risk of contamination during blood collection

point.png Uniformly Sprayed Additive in the Inner Surface Avoids Blood Adhesion

point.png Upgraded with clear gradation markings makes it simple to visually monitor blood volume

Micro Blood Collection Tubes used for haematological tests such as complete blood count (CBC), haemoglobin, and haematocrits measurements.

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Micro Blood Collection Tube LMMB-A400