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Micro Blood Collection Tubes LMMB-A202

Micro Blood Collection Tubes LMMB-A202

Micro Blood Collection Tubes LMMB-A202 is specialized collection tube ideal for the collection and preservation of small blood samples facilitating accurate diagnostic testing. Convenient handling of sample with loading capacity of 1.0 mL to endure centrifugation, to separate blood components for analysis such as serum or plasma. Include caps come with screw-on and Snap-On varieties, guarantee a tight seal to stop contamination or leaks.

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Additives Gel & clot Activator
Maximum Capacity 1.0 mL
Plug Colour Yellow
Bottom Type Self-Standing
Net Weight / Case 6 kg

point.png Constructed with a robust polypropylene (PP) body, providing strength and durability

point.png Equipped with butyl rubber stopper ensures an airtight seal, preventing any contamination or leakage

point.png Designed with a double orientation structure, enhancing safety during transportation

point.png Effective Prevention of blood leakage

point.png Internationally recognized colour coded plug

point.png Automatic sampling with no need of opening the plug while operation

point.png Additives are sprayed or uniformly deposited on the inner surface of the tube

point.png Clear gradation on tube to see blood volume

point.png Applicable to any blood analyser

Micro Blood Collection Tubes used for haematological tests such as complete blood count (CBC), haemoglobin, and haematocrits measurements.

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Micro Blood Collection Tubes LMMB-A202