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Micro Blood Collection Tubes LMMB-A300

Micro Blood Collection Tubes LMMB-A300

Micro Blood Collection Tubes LMMB-A300 provide a specialized solution for collecting and preserving small blood samples. Improved with self-standing bottom design that wear a capacity of 0.25 mL. Equipped with clear gradations, allowing for easy visual assessment of the blood volume collected. Our tube is uniformly sprayed with additive on the inner surface to avoid blood adhesion maintain the integrity of the blood sample throughout the collection and analysis process.

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Additives EDTA. K₂/ EDTA.K₃
Max. Capacity 0.25 mL
Plug Colour Pink
Bottom Type Self-Standing
Net Weight / Case 6 kg

point.png Integrated with Polypropylene material ensures durability and safety

point.png Equipped with butyl rubber stopper effective prevention of blood leakage

point.png Incorporates a double orientation structure, enhancing safety during transportation

point.png Include a colour-coded plug facilitates easy identification of the tube type, allowing for quick and accurate sorting

point.png Automatic sampling with no need of opening the plug while operation

point.png Applicable to any blood analyser

point.png Manufactured under pharmacy grade (100,000) GMP workshop for pollutant-free production

Micro Blood Collection Tubes used for haematological tests such as complete blood count (CBC), haemoglobin, and haematocrits measurements.

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Micro Blood Collection Tubes LMMB-A300