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HPLC System LMHLS-A100

HPLC System LMHLS-A100

HPLC System LMHLS-A100 is a quaternary system with flow rate of 0.001 to 5mL/min. PDA detector with wavelength range of 200 to 800 nm to analyze sample at different wavelengths. Built-in degasser to protect the column by removal of dissolved gases. C18 column compatible with various mobile phase.

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Pump specifications
Flow rate range 0.001 to 5mL/min
Maximum pressure 60 MPa
Column size 4.6 mm × 250mm × 5µm
Pressure pulsation 0.1 MPa
Flow rate accuracy RSD < 0.06%
Mixing accuracy ± 2 %
Mixing precision ±0.3%
Solvent number 2 to 4
Detector specifications
Wavelength range 200 to 800 nm
Wavelength accuracy ± 1 nm
Spectral bandwidth 6 nm
Noise (0.6 & times) ± 5 × 10-6 AU (254 nm TC 2s, 10 Hz)
Drift (1 & times) 1 × 10-4 AU/hr (254 nm)
Automatic sampler Sample loading: 2ml×108 bits, 4ml×70 bits, 10ml×30 bits, 2ml×200 bits
Column Oven Temperature control range: 5℃ -80 ℃ above room temperature

point.png Quaternary pump features a four-line output

point.png Built-in degasser to protect the column

point.png Photodiode array (PDA) detector to analyze the samples

point.png Automatic sample injector

point.png Column oven to control the temperature

point.png Pump mixes the sample with high accuracy and precision

point.png Equipped with data workstation for processing, and analysis of chromatographic data

Accessories no Name Quantity
1 Quaternary pump with 4-line output and built-in degasser 1
2 PDA detector 1
3 Automatic sampler 1
4 Column Oven 1
5 C18 column 1
6 Data workstation 1

Accessories no Name Quantity
1 UV Detector 1
2 FLD detector 1
3 RID detector 1
4 ELSD detector 1
5 C18 column (Customized size) 1

HPLC System is widely used in pharmaceutical analysis, food nutrient analysis of amino acids and sugars, detection of food contaminants, environmental pollutant and chemical product purity analysis.

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HPLC System LMHLS-A100