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Dehumidifier LMHU-A100

Dehumidifier LMHU-A100

Dehumidifier LMHU-A100 is a high-capacity electrical refrigeration unit designed to efficiently boast impressive moisture removal with a capacity of 24 Liters per day. Utilized with a refrigeration system combined with a powerful fan to draw in moisture-laden air and effectively extract excess humidity. Supplied with smart auto modes, which can automatically adjust humidity levels. Making it a hassle-free solution for maintaining the desired indoor comfort.

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Dehumidifying capacity (at 30°C and 80% RH) 24 L / 24 h (01 day)
Water Tank 5.0 L
Refrigerant R290
Noise ≤ 43 dB (A)
Input Power 280 W
Input Current 1.25 A
Loading Quantity 324 / 666/ 888
Supply Voltage AC 220 V to 240 / 50 Hz
Dimension (D×W×H) 310 × 210 × 565 mm
Net Weight 13.5 kg

point.png Enhanced by a digital display that continuously tracks and displays the current air humidity level

point.png Energy-efficient, helping to save power consumption while maintaining optimal humidity levels

point.png Provided by an automatic humidity control system that regulates moisture levels for optimal comfort

point.png Empowered with auto shut-off and restart functions, providing energy savings

point.png Fitted with a two-speed fan that operates discreetly while efficiently reducing humidity

point.png Set a specific operation time with the 24-hour timer

point.png Easily adjust settings and monitor the operation with the user-friendly electronic control panel

point.png Includes antibacterial filters to help maintain cleaner air quality

point.png An option between continuous drainage for hassle-free operation or utilizing the 5-liter water tank for convenience

point.png Equipped with an auto-defrost feature, ensuring efficient operation even at low temperatures

These are used in various industries, such as pharmaceuticals, food production, electronics, and more. They improve conditions in R&D, manufacturing, drying, testing, storage, and packaging areas.

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Dehumidifier LMHU-A100