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Screw Cap Microtube LMSM-A104

Screw Cap Microtube LMSM-A104

Screw Cap Microtube LMSM-A104 is crafted with polypropylene material that is chemically resistant for the storage and handling of small volumes of liquid or solid biological samples. It features a loading capacity of 1.5 mL to precisely measure and dispense specified liquid amounts. Equipped with screw cap ensures a tight and secure closure of the microtube by assisting in the prevention of any potential sample leakage or contamination.

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Capacity 1.5 mL, self-standing
Cap Type O-ring
Cap Assembled No

point.png Designed with Polypropylene material ensure safety and long-term usability

point.png Equipped with O-ring for good sealablity

point.png Conical bottom design facilitating easy separation and extraction of the desired components

point.png Enhanced with pre-sterilized technique reducing the risk of sample contamination

point.png Free of DNase and RNase maintain the integrity of genetic material during storage

point.png Available in Yellow, Blue, Pink, Purple and Amber color

It is extensively used in molecular biology for the storage and processing of DNA, RNA, and other biological samples.

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Screw Cap Microtube LMSM-A104