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Polystyrene Weighing Boat LMBT-A100

Polystyrene Weighing Boat LMBT-A100

Polystyrene Weighing Boat LMBT-A100 is highly-efficient disposable container that to accurately weigh and transfer solid samples. It accommodates loading capacity of 7 mL ensuring easy sample handling. Constructed with a flat bottom and raised edges to retain the sample without leakage. Designed for single-use to prevent cross-contamination between different samples.

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Type Square Shaped
Volume 7 mL
Color White
Dimension 44 × 44 mm

point.png Material: Polystyrene

point.png Ideal for handling both Solids and liquids

point.png Rounded edges for easy removal of samples

point.png Available in white and black color

Polystyrene Weighing Boat is widely used in laboratories and research institute to accurately measure and transfer small quantities of solid samples.

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Polystyrene Weighing Boat LMBT-A100