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Polarizing Microscope LMPM-809

Polarizing Microscope LMPM-809

Polarizing Microscope LMPM-809 has a Siedentop binocular viewing head inclined at 30°C and is a well-built microscope with high-quality fiber optics that produces high-quality images with a long life. It has strain-free achromatic objectives and magnifications of 4x, 10x, 40x, 60x. To illuminate the sample, a 20W halogen light source with adjustable intensity and a NA1.25 abbe condenser are used, which is adjusted on a 145mm revolving round stage.

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Viewing Head Siedentop binocular head inclined at 45°C
Eye Piece Plan Eyepiece WF10X/18
Eyepiece WF10X/18 with cross hair
Nosepiece Backward quadruple nosepiece
Objectives Strain free achromatic objective 4X, 10X, 40X, 60X
Epi-illuminator 6V/20W halogen lamp
Analyzer Rotatable analyzer with gradation 0°-90°
Optical Compensator λ slip, 1/4 λ slip, quartz wedge
Condenser NA1.25 abbe condenser with iris diaphragm & filter
Revolving Round Stage Diameter φ145mm, 1° increments, minimum resolution 6’
Focusing System Coaxial course and Fine division 0.002mm, range 28mm

point.png Excellent optical system

point.png Wide Field Eyepiece WF10X/18 with cross air

point.png Polarizer rotatable but lockable in position

point.png strain free plan objectives ensuring resolution and clarity

point.png Center adjustable nosepiece and rotating platform makes operation more accurate and reliable

point.png Easy to use interface also allows for customization of color and resolution settings

point.png 360° rotatable polarizer

point.png 20W halogen light source

point.png Backward quadruple nose piece

These are widely used in crystallography, geology, analytical chemistry, medicine, biology, environmental science, pharmacy and toxicology etc.

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Polarizing Microscope LMPM-809