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Nucleic Acid Extraction System LMNC-803

Nucleic Acid Extraction System LMNC-803

Nucleic Acid Extraction System LMNC-803 can process 1 to 96 samples with volume ranging from 50 to 1000 μL. It operates efficiently at a temperature range from RT to 140 ℃ and analyzes within the time range of 20 to 40 minutes/run. Equipped with a 10-inch color touchscreen for real-time monitoring of variable parameters.

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Volume Capacity 50 to 1000 𝜇L
Sample Quantity 1 to 96
Plate Quantity 6
Plate Type 96-well deep well-plate
Processing Time 20 min to 40 min/ run
Reagent Type Magnetic bead-based open-source reagents
Program management Create, edit, and delete options
Heating Temperature Room temperature to 140°C
Mixing Intensities Adjustable 8 Levels
Maximum Stirring Speed 10 Hz
Magnetic Bead Recovery Rate 0.96
Inter-Well Purification Variation CV < 5 %
Working Noise < 50 dB
Exhaust Fan
Data Storage Capacity > 500 Programs
Display 10 – inch color touch screen
Contamination Control UV Light
Extension Port 2 USB Port, 1 Ethernet Port
Power Supply 200 – 240 VAC, 100 – 120 VAC ; 50/ 60 Hz
Lighting Yes
Dimensions (L × W × H) 700 × 475 × 370 mm
Weight 45 Kg

point.png Built-in UV disinfection lamp

point.png 8 levels of adjustment for mixing

point.png Incorporated with an exhaust fan

point.png Includes 1-USB and 1- Ethernet ports

point.png Supports data storage

Accessories Name Value
96 deep-well plate 2.2 mL, Conical Bottom, DNase/RNase free, Non-sterilized
2.2 mL, Conical Bottom, DNase/RNase free, Sterilized
Magnetic Rod Sleeve DNase/ RNase free, non-sterilized
DNase/ RNase free,sterilized

Nucleic Acid Extraction Systems are used in molecular diagnostics, genetic identity testing, forensic testing, biomedical research, gene expression analysis, and sequencing, among other things. 

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Nucleic Acid Extraction System LMNC-803