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Liquid Nitrogen Container For Storage LMNC-A100

Liquid Nitrogen Container For Storage LMNC-A100

Liquid Nitrogen Container For Storage LMNC-A100 is a specialized container designed for the storage and transportation of liquid nitrogen at reliable conditions. Enhanced with a double-walled construction with an inner and outer vessel that wears a capacity of 1 L with static evaporation loss of 0.06 L/d. Comes with an insulating protective covering that keeps the container safe during transportation, ensuring the integrity of its contents.

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Capacity 1 L
Empty Weight 2 kg
Neck Diameter 30 mm
Outer Diameter 180 mm
Height 315 mm
Static Evaporation Loss 0.06 L/d
Static Hold Time 16 Days
Numbers of Canisters 1
Canister Outer Diameter 26 mm
Canister Height 120 mm
Straw Holding Capacity (Single level) 0.5 mL 60 each
Straw Holding Capacity (Single level) 0.25 mL 120 each

point.png Crafted from durable aluminum alloy ensures robust construction, providing both strength and lightweight portability

point.png Supplied with a multi-layer thermal isolation design, effectively minimizes heat transfer and provides secure storage of liquid nitrogen

point.png Improved with optional locking cover guarantees restricted access and protection against unauthorized handling

point.png Equipped with a convenient hinged handle, the container allows for easy carrying and transport

point.png Minimal maintenance with tool-free cleaning

It is widely used in biological and medical fields for the long-term storage of biological samples, cells, tissues, and reproductive materials.

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Liquid Nitrogen Container For Storage LMNC-A100