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Karl Fisher Titrator LMKT-301

Karl Fisher Titrator LMKT-301

Karl Fisher Titrator LMKT-301 uses Coulometric method to measure and titration that is used to carry out moisture estimation in many specific solutions. The Coulometric titration process involves constant current electrolysis using the electrolytic control method. It is employed to get the exact endpoint which is provided by the generational cell with a diaphragm that possesses a titration range of 10 μg and 20 mg.

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Coulometric Titration Range 10 μg to 20 mg
Coulometric Titration Polarization Current Accuracy ±0.2 μA
Coulometric Titration Working Current 10 mA, 20 mA, 50 mA, 100 mA
Coulometric Titration Repeatability 0.5%
Power Supply ± (5%+3) μA
Dimension 300×235×100 mm
Weight 3 kg

point.png The LCD display is present that offers clear visible measured values to note down the data

point.png Generator cell with the diaphragm is present and automatic background drift correction for the precise outcome

point.png Units can be selected according to choice such as mg, mg/L, %, ppm, etc.

point.png Adjustable parameters for the desired result can be done such as measurement unit, polarization current, stirring rate, titration rate, stop volume, endpoint potential, stop criterion and etc.

point.png Auto-reset option that changes after the process to default factory reset option provides a new start for the next procedure

point.png Data can be easily stored and transferred to the printer through an RS-232 communication interface

Coulometric titration cell

Karl Fischer titration is widely used for direct analysis of water content in various industries, as a reliable and healthy method. In food industry it is used for water content determination in fruit juices, honey where as it is needed in petroleum industry to check the water content in different oils, also in cosmetic industry for determination of water in the products. It is required in pharmaceutic industry for raw materials, active substances, lyophilized substrates, tablets, ointments, oils.

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Karl Fisher Titrator LMKT-301