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Hot Plate Magnetic Stirrer LMHMS-802

Hot Plate Magnetic Stirrer LMHMS-802

Hot Plate Magnetic Stirrer LMHMS-802 can stir liquid volumes of up-to 2 litre and stirring speed can be regulated from 0 to 1250 rpm. It comes with a durable and chemically resistant ceramic surface. User can setup the objective temperature, speed and stirring. Provided with large LCD display clearly shows the temperature, time and running status. It is designed by high performance digital circuit and CPU. Fast and precise regulation of temperature is achieved with advanced microprocessor technology. Stirrer uses push button to increase or decrease the stirring speed.


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Stirring Volume 0 to 2000 mL
Stirring Speed 0 to 1250 rpm
Heater 380 W
Hotplate Temperature Maximum 300°C
Ambient Temperature < 50°C
Timer Range 0 to 999 minutes
Top Plate Size 135(L)×135(W) mm
Material Stainless steel
Display Custom LCD (95×35 mm)
Power AC 220 V/50 Hz
Dimensions(L×W×H) 230×180×120 mm
Weight 2.2 Kg

point.png Automatic temperature control

point.png Maximum heating temperature is up-to 300°C

point.png Magnetic hotplate stirrer comes with a temperature probe

point.png Automatic hold setting temperature along with incidental temperature probe

point.png 1-point calibration improves the measurement accuracy of temperature control

point.png Stirring speed is also controlled by the CPU and it is indicated on the large LCD display

point.png Temperature, heating and speed can be adjusted

point.png It is an easy use stir equipment

They are widely used in the field of industries, laboratories and in educational institutes

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Hot Plate Magnetic Stirrer LMHMS-802