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Glassware Washer LMGW-A102

Glassware Washer LMGW-A102

Glassware Washer LMGW-A102 offers a maximum capacity of 320L and consumes 15L per cycle. Our washer features a two-stage operation including washing and air-drying enhancing operational efficiency and maintaining hygiene standards. Integrated with a touch display along with PLC for navigating parameters. It is equipped with 12 built-in and 99 customized programs for consistent cleaning results.

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Maximum Capacity 320 L
Material Internal material - SS316; External material - SS304
Water consumption / Cycle 15 L
Washing Chamber Dimensions 600 x 629 x 820 mm
Maximum Temperature - Water Heating 99 °C
Maximum Temperature - Air drying 120 °C
Inlet water Pressure 0.3 to 1.0 mPa
Power Consumption- Water Heating 5 to 15 kW
Power Consumption- Water Washing 1.5 kW
Power Consumption- Air Drying 3.6 kW
Power Consumption 6.5 to 18 kW
Input Power AC 220 V / 380 V; 50 Hz
Noise ≤ 55 dB
Dimensions 790 x 690 x 1950 mm
Weight 350 kg

point.png Constructed with stainless steel

point.png Integrated with HEPA filters, optimized spray arm and nozzles

point.png Dual temperature controller

point.png Electronic door lock with emergency switch

point.png Includes USB interface and printer

Model No Name Specification Quantity Image
LMGW-A1 Rack 36 pieces of Triangular flasks, Test tubes, Measuring cylinders, Volumetric flasks and Beakers 3 Units LMGW-A1
LMGW-A2 Cleaner RBS A 150 1 L LMGW-A2
LMGW-A3 Neutralizer RBS A 375 1 L LMGW-A3

Model Name Specification Image
LMGW-B1 Multi-glassware Rack 112 Test tubes, 18 Volumetric flasks / 250 mL Conical flasks LMGW-B1
LMGW-B2 Beaker Rack Beaker Tray of 560 x 510 mm LMGW-B2
LMGW-B3 Measuring Cylinder Rack 16 Cylinders of 5 - 25 mL, 12 Cylinders of 50 - 250 mL, 6 Cylinders of 500 mL, 4 Cylinders of 1000 - 2000 mL LMGW-B3
LMGW-B4 Infusion Bottle Rack 30 Bottles / Triangular flasks of 250 mL and bottle caps LMGW-B4
LMGW-B5 Petri Plate Rack ( Lower ) 75 Plates of Φ 90 mm LMGW-B5
LMGW-B6 Petri Plate Rack ( Upper ) 75 Plates of Φ 90 mm LMGW-B6
LMGW-B7 Pipette Rack 60 Pipettes of 550 mm LMGW-B7
LMGW-B8 Rubber Tube Rack 20 Tubes of Φ 3 - 8 mm, 3 m long LMGW-B8

Glassware Washer is ideal for laboratories, healthcare facilities, the pharmaceutical industry, the food and beverage industry, and research institutions etc.

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Glassware Washer LMGW-A102