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Glassware Washer LMGW-A101

Glassware Washer LMGW-A101

Glassware Washer LMGW-A101 is designed to ensure effective cleaning with a maximum capacity of 220L. It operates at 99°C and 120°C for cleaning and drying, maintaining hygiene and operational efficiency. Our washer is integrated with HEPA filters, spray arms, and nozzles for enhanced cleaning performance. It consists of a PLC integrated with a touchscreen display for real-time monitoring of parameters.

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Maximum Capacity 220 L
Material Internal material - SS316; External material - SS304
Water consumption / Cycle 15 L
Washing Chamber Dimensions 600 x 629 x 658 mm
Maximum Temperature - Water Heating 99 °C
Maximum Temperature - Air drying 120 °C
Inlet water Pressure 0.3 to 1.0 mPa
Power Consumption- Water Heating 5 to 15 kW
Power Consumption- Water Washing 0.75 kW
Power Consumption- Air Drying 3.6 kW
Power Consumption 6.5 to 16.5 kW
Input Power AC 220 V / 380 V; 50 Hz
Noise ≤ 55 dB
Dimensions 780 x 690 x 1760 mm
Weight 330 kg

point.png Constructed with stainless steel

point.png Dual temperature controller

point.png Features 12 built-in and 99 customized programs

point.png Electronic door lock with emergency switch

point.png Includes USB interface and printer

Model No Name Specification Quantity Image
LMGW-A1 Rack 36 pieces of Triangular flasks, Test tubes, Measuring cylinders, Volumetric flasks and Beakers 2 Units LMGW-A1
LMGW-A2 Cleaner RBS A 150 1 L LMGW-A2
LMGW-A3 Neutralizer RBS A 375 1 L LMGW-A3

Model Name Specification Image
LMGW-B1 Multi-glassware Rack 112 Test tubes, 18 Volumetric flasks / 250 mL Conical flasks LMGW-B1
LMGW-B2 Beaker Rack Beaker Tray of 560 x 510 mm LMGW-B2 LMGW-B2
LMGW-B3 Measuring Cylinder Rack 16 Cylinders of 5 - 25 mL, 12 Cylinders of 50 - 250 mL, 6 Cylinders of 500 mL, 4 Cylinders of 1000 - 2000 mL LMGW-B3
LMGW-B4 Infusion Bottle Rack 30 Bottles / Triangular flasks of 250 mL and bottle caps LMGW-B4
LMGW-B5 Petri Plate Rack ( Lower ) 75 Plates of Φ 90 mm LMGW-B5
LMGW-B6 Petri Plate Rack ( Upper ) 75 Plates of Φ 90 mm LMGW-B6
LMGW-B7 Pipette Rack 60 Pipettes of 550 mm LMGW-B7
LMGW-B8 Rubber Tube Rack 20 Tubes of Φ 3 - 8 mm, 3 m long LMGW-B8

Glassware Washer is ideal for laboratories, healthcare facilities, the pharmaceutical industry, the food and beverage industry, and research institutions etc.

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Glassware Washer LMGW-A101