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Fixed Volume Pipette LMFP-A209

Fixed Volume Pipette LMFP-A209

Fixed Volume Pipette LMFP-A209 is designed for accurately measuring and transferring a specific, predetermined volume of liquid ensure effortless sample handling. Worry-free operation with loading capacity of 1000 µL. Accompanied by conveniently attachable and detachable disposable tips to avoid sample cross-contamination. Simplified with volume display provide users with a quick and accurate way to determine the volume being measured or dispensed.

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Test Volume 1000 μL
Accuracy error 0.3 %
Precision error 0.2 %

point.png Improved to endure autoclaving processes at temperatures of up to 121 °C

point.png All working parameters displayed on volume display allows for quick and simple handling

point.png Designed with Polycarbonate material assures durability and resistance to chemicals

point.png Excellent durability and chemical resistance

point.png Crafted with an ergonomic design provide excellent operating experience

point.png Trouble-free calibration and maintenance

It is widely used in the medical field and laboratory for sample preparation, processing of serum or plasma, and reagent delivery in diagnostic tests.

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Fixed Volume Pipette LMFP-A209