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Fixed Volume Pipette LMFP-A204

Fixed Volume Pipette LMFP-A204

Fixed Volume Pipette LMFP-A204 is a highly reliable pipette designed to ensure a secure grip, promoting precision and reducing the risk of hand fatigue during sample handling. With a 50 µL loading capacity, it guarantees easy operation. Facilitated with a volume display that monitors and adjusts the volume, enhancing the precision of your liquid handling tasks.

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Test Volume 50 μL
Accuracy error 0.5 %
Precision error 0.3 %

point.png Equipped with a clear and user-friendly indicator for displaying the volume

point.png Engineered to endure 121°C autoclaving, guaranteeing complete sterilization

point.png Improved with robust and resistant to wear, making it suitable for long-term use

point.png Ergonomic design provides excellent operating experience to handle during use, reducing the risk of user fatigue

point.png Worry-free handling with minimal maintenance

It is widely used in the medical field and laboratory for sample preparation, processing of serum or plasma, and reagent delivery in diagnostic tests.

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Fixed Volume Pipette LMFP-A204