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Filter Pipette Tips LMFT-A102

Filter Pipette Tips LMFT-A102

Filter Pipette Tips LMFT-A102 is crafted with a human touch-free tip to prevent aerosol from entering pipettes and to guard against cross-contamination. It features a loading capacity of 10 µL with improved functionality. Constructed with high-grade polypropylene and polyethylene to guarantee worry-free operation and stop DNA denaturalization. Enhanced to offer simple sample handling with a tight and secure seal.

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Capacity 10 μL
Length 31.7 mm
Type Short

point.png Designed with universal compatibility for convenient handling of sample

point.png Integrated with polypropylene material ensures hygienic cleaning with safety

point.png Employed with micro point design to prevent aerosol from entering pipettes

point.png Supplied with Pre sterilized technique to ensure worry-free functioning

point.png Improved working conditions are provided by using RNase, DNase, and Pyrogenic free reagents

point.png Available in two Optional colors yellow and blue

It is widely used in laboratories, the pharmaceutical industry, and research institutes to protect the pipette and the sample from the aerosol.

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Filter Pipette Tips LMFT-A102