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Cytotoxic Safety Cabinet LMCY-A100

Cytotoxic Safety Cabinet LMCY-A100

Cytotoxic Safety Cabinet LMCY-A100 is designed with a microprocessor control system that ensures accurate ventilation, temperature, and humidity adjustment for the safe handling of cytotoxic drugs. It features an inflow velocity of 0.55 m/s and a downflow velocity of 0.33 m/s making it an ideal for handling cytotoxic agents. Enhanced with a triple-layered glass pane with an anti-UV radiation layer provides visibility and protects operators from harmful radiation.

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Cabinet Size 42 Inches
Inflow Velocity 0.55 m/s
Down flow Velocity 0.33 m/s
Exhaust Volume 347 m³/h
Internal Working Area 0.55 m³/h
Air Supply Filter HEPA Filter (99.999 % efficiency at 0.12 µm)
First Exhaust Filter HEPA Filter (99.999 % efficiency at 0.3 µm)
Second Exhaust Filter HEPA Filter (99.999 % efficiency at 0.3 µm)
Max. Door Opening Height 440 mm (17")
Safety Door Opening Height 200 mm (8")
UV Lamp 18 W
Illuminating Lamp LED Lamp (12 W)
Illumination ≥ 1000 Lux
Display LCD Display
Noise EN 12469 ≤ 48 dB / NSF 49 ≤ 61 dB
Power Consumption 700 W
Power Supply AC 220 / 110 V ± 10 % ; 50 / 60 Hz
Internal Dimension 910 × 600 × 630 mm
External Dimension 1087 × 760 × 2100 mm
Weight 320 kg

point.png Intuitive LCD display centrally placed at eye level for easy monitoring

point.png Efficient sterilization is performed at 253.7 nm UV emission

point.png Alarm system for abnormal pressure, unsafe door height, and filter life

point.png Memory function ensures constant operation when power-failure

point.png The remote-control function makes operation easier and more convenient

point.png PVC bags make the transfer process convenient and quick

point.png Waterproof sockets for using small devices

point.png High-quality stainless-steel water tap and gas tap

point.png Non-corrosive 304 stainless steel workbench

point.png Cold-rolled steel body construction with anti-bacteria powder coating

Model No Name Quantity Image
LFHC-04 Bag In and Bag Out Filter 1 LFHC-04
LFHC-06 Base Stand 1 LFHC-06
LFHC-09 Drain Valve 1 LFHC-09
LFHC-22 LED Lamp 2 (12 W) LFHC-22
LFHC-25 Remote Control 1 LFHC-25
LFHC-29 UV Lamp 2 (18 W) LFHC-29
LFHC-30 Water and Gas Tap 1 LFHC-30
LFHC-34 Waterproof Socket 2 (Total Load: ≤ 500 W) LFHC-34

Model No Name Quantity Image
LFHC-02 Airflow Tester 1 LFHC-02
LFHC-03 Arm-rest 1 LFHC-03
LFHC-23 Infrared Sterilizer 1 LFHC-23

It is extensively used in research institutes and laboratories for culturing and manipulating microorganisms, analyzing biological samples, and disinfecting and decontaminating equipment and surfaces.

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Cytotoxic Safety Cabinet LMCY-A100