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Cooling Water Circulator LMWC-602

Cooling Water Circulator LMWC-602

Cooling Water Circulator LMWC-602 has a capacity of 15 liters and is ideal for temperature applications to external systems with simultaneous operations inside the bath tank. Cool-down durations are provided with active cooling control down to -20°C. With a bath dimension of ɸ280×270 mm it provides exceptional cooling power and wide temperature ranges to ensure the accuracy and consistency of your liquid temperature management methods.

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Capacity 15 Liters
Maximum Flow 15 Liters/Min
Temperature Range Down to -20°C
Controller FND controller
Refrigerant 134a
Refrigerator 3/4 HP
Bath Dimensions ɸ280×270 mm
Power Consumption 680 W
Power Supply AC 230V, 50/60HZ
External Dimension (W×D×H) 350×385×840 mm
Weight 40 Kg

point.png User-friendly, intuitive operation

point.png Excellence in temperature control

point.png Proportional cooling control ensure energy-saving performance

point.png Convenient dust cleaning by removable venting grid

point.png Convenient draining bath fluid

point.png Environment friendly coolant used for refrigeration

point.png Compact and space saving to fit into limited spaces

point.png User friendly controller

point.png Auto resume function to ensure user to select whether to resume the operation or not

point.png Water proof LED display panel

point.png Less energy use and less cooling capacity loss

point.png Powerful and water saving closed cooling system

These versatile circulators are used in labs and production settings in rotary evaporators and for cryo-preservation. Typical temperature applications to external, closed systems such as: photometers, refractometers, viscometers etc. for simultaneous application to small objects in the circulation baths.

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Cooling Water Circulator LMWC-602