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Constant Temperature Water Bath LMCB-A111

Constant Temperature Water Bath LMCB-A111

Constant Temperature Water LMCB-A111 is a benchtop circulating water bath with a capacity of 10.9L. It features a temperature range of operation RT +5 to 100°C with precision ±0.1°C. Configured with adaptive tuning and optimized control mode that runs continuously to improve PID value. Design a robust suction pump. Include temperature and water level tracking alarm systems to ensure particular and dependable performance.

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Capacity 10.9 L
Temperature Range RT+5 to 100°C
Structure Single Hole
Precision ±0.1°C
Pump Volume 4L/min
Voltage AC 220V,50Hz
Power consumption 1000 W
Dimension 240×170×150 mm

point.png Microprocessor controlled temperature

point.png A bright LCD display is visible in any light conditions

point.png Both the heating source and bath compartment are constructed of resistance to corrosion-proof stainless steel

point.png It consumes less energy to give the same level of performance, and comfort making them more energy efficient

point.png Optional Rs485 connector to record parameters and variations in temperature

It is used in the pharmaceutical industry and laboratories to incubate the samples in water at a constant temperature over a long period of time. Ideal for constant temperature application in refractometry, polarimetry and viscometry in biotechnology

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Constant Temperature Water Bath LMCB-A111