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Soxhlet Extractor Fat Analyzer LMSFA-A401


Soxhlet Extractor Fat Analyzer LMSFA-A401 obeys Soxhlet extraction process of weight method to estimate the fat present in the sample. The analysis is done with in the temperature range of +5 to 300 ℃ with ±1℃ accuracy. Most important 5 technique of extraction are used to give the accurate amount of fats present in the sample. The metal unit is completely heat able and have access to controlled flow water temperature. It is provided with leak detection system for the safety of the user and the samples.

Specifications :
Temperature range Room temperature +5 ℃to 300 ℃
Measuring Range 0.1 to 100%
Temperature accuracy ±1℃
Reproducibility Relative error 1%
Sample weight 0.5 to 15 g
Capacity per batch 6 pcs/batch
Display 7 inches color touch screen
Solvent cup volume 150 mL
Solvent recovery ≥85%
Controller External via cable
Power Supply 220 VAC±10%, 50 Hz
Power 2.6 KW
Dimensions (L×W×H) mm 650×380×720
Net Weight 50 Kg
Features :
  • -  The entire heating module, which has the advantages of rapid warming, good effect and low power consumption
  • -  For environmental and economic reasons, full temperature and flow control is available
  • -  To assure experiment safety, it is built-in with leak detection mechanism
  • -  Effortless resolving Analyzer permits its controller to adsorb on any iron-based surface
  • -  More humanization with a vertical screen
  • -  5 extraction methods built-in include Soxhlet Extraction, Soxhlet Hot Extraction, Continue Flow Extraction, Hot Extraction, CH Standard methods
  • -  Options for common reagents can be pre-set and manipulation can be done with a single click for repeated experiments
  • -  It is equipped with glass and PTFE material which has the capability to stop the impurities to attain the reliable results
  • -  To meet all demands, apply to all organic solvents
  • -  Automatic Soxhlet standard method, which is tailored with glass and PTFE and has a high rate of accuracy and can block all pollutants
  • -  One-click start and pause manipulation allows for high proficiency operation
Applications :

It is widely used in agricultural/ food /chemical /environment and other areas, especially for the drug, soil, sludge, cleaner and other substances in the extraction of soluble organic compounds.