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Analytical Balance LMBA-B202


Analytical Balance LMBA-B202 is designed with the latest technologies to provide weighing excellence in terms of performance and reliability. Integrated with a unique grease-free stainless steel weighing pan that holds a capacity of 0 to 300 g with 0.1 mg readability. Incorporated with a manual draft shield for clear observation of convenient operation. Facilitated with leveling bubbles to enable quick and easy verification.

Specifications :
Weighing Range 0 - 300 g
Readability 0.1 mg
Calibration External
Repeatability 0.0002 g
Pan Size Φ 90 mm
Stable Time ≤ 8 s
Ambient Temperature 20 °C ± 2.5 °C
Relative Humidity 50 - 70 %
Operating Modes Basic weighing, Parts counting, Totalization, Target weighing, Peak weighing, Check weighing, Percentage weighing, Animal weighing
Voltage 220 V ; 50 Hz
Dimension 450 × 320 × 470 mm
Net Weight 12 kg
Features :
  • -  Employed with a large graphical user interface enabling clear observation of intuitive operation
  • -  Upgraded with a bright blue, fluorescent display offers excellent illumination
  • -  Include intelligent modular design with multi-user management
  • -  Improved external and fully automatic internal calibration for convenient weighing
  • -  Structured with seamless stainless steel cover plate to ensure safety and hygienic cleaning
  • -  Built-in data storage capacity for long-term usability
  • -  Featuring a remote RS232 interface and USB port enables easy communication via PC
  • -  Supplied with a wireless induction function offers safe and reliable operation
Standard Accessories :

Model No Type Image
LB-01 Plier LB-01
LB-02 Universal Adapter LB-02
LB-03 Dust Cover LB-03
LB-04 Calibration Weight LB-04

Applications :

It is ideal for weighing test samples, standard preparations formulation, differential weighing, and density determination of equipment. It is commonly used in research and pharmaceutical laboratories to determine the mass of solids, liquids, powders, and granular substances.