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Bottle Top Dispenser LMBD-A103

Bottle Top Dispenser LMBD-A103

Bottle Top Dispenser LMBD-A103 is designed for accurate and efficient dispensing of liquid chemicals reagents from bottles. Equipped with a piston system that enables precise liquid distribution. Our dispenser comes in various size that accommodate a loading capacity of 5.0 to 50 mL. Facilitates easy disassembly and cleaning to reduce the risk of reagent cross-contamination ensure longevity of dispenser.

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Volume Range 5.0 to 50 mL
Sub division 1 mL
Accuracy ≤ ±0.50 %; 250 μL
Precision 0.10 %; 50 μL
Max. Vapor pressure 500 mbar
Max. Viscosity 500 mm² / s
Max. temperature 40 °C
Max. Density 2.2 g / cm²

point.png Fully autoclavable at 121 °C

point.png Good Chemical resistance

point.png Fast and precise dispensing with optional flexible discharge tube

point.png Smooth piston design

point.png Integrated recirculation valve for priming the dispensing system without reagent loss

point.png PTFE, FEP,PP and BSG body

Model No Specifications
LMBD-A100-A1 45 / 40 mm Adapter
LMBD-A100-A2 45 / 32 mm Adapter
LMBD-A100-A3 45 / 38 mm Adapter
LMBD-A100-A4 32 / 25 mm Adapter
LMBD-A100-A5 32 / 28 mm Adapter
LMBD-A100-F1 Filling tube
LMBD-A100-D1 Discharge tube

Model No Specifications
LMBD-A100-R1 Reagent Bottle (Brown, 1L)

Bottle Top Dispenser is widely used in cell culture and microbiology laboratories, for accurately dispensing media, antibiotics, and other solutions.

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Bottle Top Dispenser LMBD-A103