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Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner with Timer LMDU-A201

Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner with Timer LMDU-A201

Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner with Timer LMDU-A201 with digital timer and a transducer for creating ultrasonic sound waves that provide effective cleaning action removes dirt and grime with high frequency and 42 KHz ultra sound frequency makes bubbles implode and water hits the instrument at the speed of 250mph. It is made up of Made up of wear resistant stainless-steel material. Equipped with a large screen LCD display to view time and temperature and easy push button control. Rubber feet to reduce the movement while using the equipment.

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Frequency 42KHz
Transducer 1 (PCS)
Capacity 0.8
Tank size (L×W×H) 150×85×65 mm
Unit Size (L×W×H) 180×110×150 mm
Ultrasonic Power 50 W
Timer 0 to 30min
N.W/G.W 1/1.3 Kg

point.png It uses ordinary tap water, alcohol or solvent as cleaning

point.png High power transducer, cleaning effect significantly

point.png Stainless steel shell

point.png Constant temperature system with heating

point.png Stainless steel ultrasonic cleani9ng basket is used as optional

point.png Industrial control chip micro controller, flexible circuit boards ensures safety and security

They are useful for sample preparation, ultrasonic cleaning, and liquid degassing and cell separation. When used in laboratory applications, they can aid in the removal of blood, proteins, and other contaminants.

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Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner with Timer LMDU-A201