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Auto Refractometer LMAR-401

Auto Refractometer LMAR-401

Auto Refractometer LT-AR201 gives more accurate measurement with the new optical system. Accurate and wide measurement range with auto, manual and IOL mode of operation. Humanized automatic mist measurement process, to reduce the error caused by adjustment. Embedded with microprocessor technology which enables faster image processing with quick and reliable measurement. It is more precise, easier and reliable. The advanced innovative technology narrows the pupil diameter of diopter-measured objects to 2.0 mm. With the convenient and simple operating panel design, all the operations can be done with a single key. Measuring results can be displayed on the screen. It is an auto refractometer with keratometer.

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Modes REF mode, KEF mode
Pupil Distance 10 to 85 mm
Minimum pupil diameter measurable 2.0 mm
Target Automatic fogging target
Radius of curvature 5 to 10 mm (0.01mm step)
Corneal Refraction 33.75 to 67.50D(0.12/0.25Dstep)
Corneal Astigmatism 0.00 to -15.00D(0.12/0.25D step)
Angle of corneal 1° to 180°(1°step)
Corneal diameter 2.0 to 12.00 mm
Vertex Distance 0.0,12.0,13.75,15.0 mm
Sphere 25.00 to +22.00D
Cylinder (0.12/0.25D step)(VD=12 mm)
Monitor 7 inch Color touch LCD
Printer Auto detachment printer
Power saving function OFF, 5, 15 minutes (selectable)
Date output RS232/Bluetooth
Power supply AC110 to 220 V,50/60 Hz
Dimensions(W×D×H) 288×500×480 mm
Weight 14 kg

point.png Gives accurate refraction measurement

point.png Keratometry can be measured with mire ring

point.png User friendly design

point.png Space saving design that is comfortable and efficient upgrade to your practice

point.png Knobs can be adjusted

point.png IOL function which can measure the eye, whose eye with cataract or other eye surgical before

point.png Compact and modern design

point.png Pupil distance can be auto-measured

point.png 7-inch LCD color monitor produces superb colorful display of the icons for easier identification to select your desired choices for measurement

It is widely used in medical laboratories, chemical laboratories, microbiology, clinical research, hydrology, food processing

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Auto Refractometer LMAR-401