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Asphalt Centrifugal Extractor LMCE-501

Asphalt Centrifugal Extractor LMCE-501

Asphalt Centrifugal Extractor LMCE-501 is designed for determining the percentage of bitumen in asphalt mixtures. It is available in 1500g and 3000g capacities. Features a removable aluminum bowl assembly which quickly lifts out of the sealed housing for efficient specimen handling. Control knob adjusts bowl speed up-to 3000 rpm and an electric break stops the centrifuge in seconds when extraction is complete. Rotating unit is suspended on the base by four calibrated springs which provide a perfect stability. Cover is accurately machined and fitted with solvent resistant gasket to avoid leakages. Control panel indicates start or stop button and speed control knob.

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Capacity 3000 gram
Speed 0 to 3000 rpm (adjustable)
Pot Diameter 280 mm
Power 220V, 750W
Packing size 470×310×540 mm
Weight 65 Kg

point.png Equipped with LCD display

point.png It is used for determination and checking of bitumen percentage in bituminous mix

point.png Operates at 220 V of power

point.png High degree of stability

point.png Long shelf life and easy to operate

point.png Complete with 100 filter papers

It is widely used for the determination asphalt content in bituminous concrete mixtures

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Asphalt Centrifugal Extractor LMCE-501