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Vacuum Furnace LMVF-301

Vacuum Furnace LMVF-301

Vacuum Furnace LMVF-301 is a single chamber structure, temperature controlled by digital PID controller, ensuring excellent level of temperature accuracy and reliability. This unit provides you with precise control of temperature range 400°C to 900°C and easiness to operate this equipment. It is available in capacity of 3L having ceramic wool insulation to prevent from over heat and short circuit.

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Capacity 3 L
Maximum Temperature 400°C to 900°C
Operating Temperature Range 800°C
Temperature Control LCD PID program control system
Timer 99Hr 59min
Vacuum Range 760mm Hg
Thermocouple K-type
Insulation Ceramic wool
Internal Material Stainless steel plate
External Material Stainless steel plate with double painted
Sensor PT-100Ω
Regulator SSR regulator
Heating Method 4 side
Heater Capacity 1.4 Kw
Power AC220V, 60Hz
Internal Dimension (W×D×H) 115×115×115 mm
External Dimension (W×D×H) 530×460×680 mm

point.png Adjustable over-temperature protection

point.png Fast heat up and cooling rates

point.png Automatic quick operation

point.png High quality heating elements

point.png Excellent temperature uniformity

point.png Low energy consumption

point.png Top rated electronic components with leakage protection

point.png Excellent process control

point.png Programmable PID temperature controller

point.png Built-in safety mechanism

point.png Customizable chamber size

point.png Audio/visual alarm for operator’s safety

These vacuum furnaces feature a wide range of applications for development of new materials, heating treatment, melting glassware and cast moulding in many different fields, such as industrial, biotechnology, and furthermore, its application can be extended to fundamental and crucial purposes which belong to even totally-different industry category as well.

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Vacuum Furnace LMVF-301