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Vacuum desiccator LMVD-A103

Vacuum desiccator LMVD-A103

Vacuum desiccator LMVD-A103 is specially constructed with a high-grade polycarbonate and a plastic vacuum dryer that maintains a vacuum degree of less than 3%. The vacuum drying process is rapid and safe, and it is especially useful for volatile liquids. The model has an inner diameter of 180 mm and uses premium silicon rubber for sealing. Manufactured from high polycarbonate having strong damage resistance, subpar performance, and are lightweight.

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Colour Clear
Inner Diameter (mm) 180
Outer Diameter (mm) 240
Height (mm) 260

point.png Inert gas vacuum storage, anti-oxidation drying

point.png Safe and rapid vacuum drying process

point.png The plastic vacuum dryer will continue to operate for 30 days after vacuum, and the vacuum level will be less than 3%

point.png It does not need oil during seal but high-quality silicon rubber sealing ring

point.png Longer glass vacuum maintenance

point.png Strong resistance to damage

point.png Convenient to hold

point.png Light weight

Vacuum desiccators can be used for vacuum drying cultural artefacts in museums as well as for precise production testing in laboratories and factories.

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Vacuum desiccator LMVD-A103