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Vaccine Refrigerator LMVNR-A102

Vaccine Refrigerator LMVNR-A102

Vaccine Refrigerator LMVNR-A102 is integrated with a forced-air cooling system that maintains temperature ranges from 2 to 8 °C. It boasts a capacity of 316 L and features 5 adjustable shelves maximizing storage efficiency. Our refrigerator is equipped with an NTC sensor ensuring precise temperature regulation and vaccine integrity. It consists of a digital display for monitoring parameters.

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Capacity 316 L
Temperature Range 2 to 8 °C
Ambient Temperature 10 to 32℃
Controller Microprocessor
Refrigeration Type Forced-air Cooling
Defrost Auto
Refrigerant R290
Door LOW-E Glass Door
Adjustable shelves 5
Noise 50 dB
Insulation Material PURF (65mm)
Internal & External Cabinet Material Coated steel
Test Hole Φ25mm
Sensor NTC
Display Digital
Audible and Visual Alarms High/low temperature
Power failure
Sensor error
Controller error
Door ajar
Safety Functions Door lock
Light Source LED lamp
Fixed Castors 4
Leveling Feet 2
Power Consumption/24h 3.37 kWh
Current 1.62 A
Power Consumption 286 W
Power Supply 187 to 242V, 50/60Hz
Internal Dimension (W×D×H) 540 × 425 × 1380 mm
External Dimension (W×D×H) 640 × 554 × 1925 mm
Packaging Dimension (W×D×H) 710 × 680 × 2040 mm
Weight 92.5 kgs
Packaging Weight 100 kgs

point.png Auto defrost

point.png Constructed with stainless steel

point.png Automated on/off cooling fan

point.png Includes a compressor

point.png R290 refrigerant

point.png Features audible and visual alarms

Voltage Stabilizer

Temperature Datalogger
Temperature Printer
USB Data Download Port
Remote Alarm Port
RS232 / RS485 Port

Vaccine Refrigerator is unitized in healthcare facilities, pharmacies and drug stores, biotechnology industries, research laboratories, and veterinary practices.

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Vaccine Refrigerator LMVNR-A102