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Tube Furnace LMTF-B301

Tube Furnace LMTF-B301

Tube Furnace LMTF-B301 split-able furnace is designed optimally for various purposes, to create a precise temperature control for horizontal use up to 1650°C with a continuous operating temperature range of 500°C to 1600°C, provided with a pair of stainless-steel vacuum sealing flange. The precision temperature controller can provide 10 segments of heating or cooling with 1°C accuracy having quartz tube diameter range 60 mm.

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Tube Range 60ɸ
Maximum Temperature Range 1650°C
Operating Temperature Range 1600°C
Temperaturue Control LED PID controller (program type)
Timer 99Hr 59Min
Sensor R, B-type
Insulation Ceramic board
Heater SIC Heater
Power AC 220V, 50/60Hz, 1-phase
Size (mm) ɸ80×300
Heater Power 3.3 Kw
External Dimension (W×D×H) 690×550×980 mm

point.png Intelligent sensor alarm function

point.png Durable molded ceramic fiber insulation

point.png Embedded heating element

point.png Exhausted gas outlet port

point.png Digital PID program controller

point.png Auto-tuning function

point.png Intuitive and easy to use operating menu

point.png Excellent temperature accuracy

point.png Simple to use and maintain

point.png Over-temperature limit function

point.png Less and low noise operation with gentle air currents

These furnaces are used for various purposes such as development of new materials, including industrial and biotechnology products are being used as the basis of a common laboratory equipment. They are used for heat treatment, melting of glass, melting the metal and casting molding.

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Tube Furnace LMTF-B301