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Portable Trace Detector LMTDD-A100

Portable Trace Detector LMTDD-A100

Portable Trace Detector LMTDD-A100 is a robust and compact detector configured with the latest IMS technology to detect explosives in nanograms and sulfur in pictogram units. With 100 nanograms TNT sensitivity limit it offers accurate results within 10 seconds or less. Our detector emphasizes economy and sustainability by using a reusable dipstick for sample collection. Improved with a high-resolution touchscreen display allows real-time monitoring of working parameters

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Drug/ Narcotic Identification Cocaine hydrochloride, Heroin hydrochloride, Tetrahydrocannabinol, Methamphetamine, Ketamine hydrochloride (K powder), Morphine Hydrochloride, cannabis (Marijuana and Hashish), Add new samples if necessary
Sensitivity Limit 100 nanogram TNT
Operating Temperature -20℃ to 55℃
Alarm Audio and visual alert
False Alarm Rate ≤ 1%
Analysis Time 2 to 10 seconds
Warm-Up Time Within 15 minutes
Sampling Dipstick tracking trace particles
Built-In Clearing System Clear the system within 10 seconds
Database Can add new type explosive
Display 2.8 inch TFT color touchscreen
Rechargeable Battery 2 to 4 hours
Power Supply AC 187 to 240 V 50/60 Hz
Dimension (L×W×H) 450 × 160 × 200 mm
Weight 3.5 Kg

point.png Featured with 2.8 inch TFT color touchscreen display

point.png Innovative migration tube ensures high-resolution

point.png Intended to be lightweight and ergonomic form

point.png Pollution entry is minimized by using the auto-cleaning mode

point.png Integrated with Renewable gas purification

point.png Capable of recognizing new types of explosions

point.png Designed with audio and visual alert systems for precise detection

point.png Maintaining an extensive record of results with appropriate storage capacity

point.png Included with USB port for increased functionality

point.png Employs a rechargeable battery for up to four hours of operation

Portable Trace Detector plays a crucial role in various security and military departments, and forensic laboratories involved in the analysis and detection of trace elements and explosions.

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Portable Trace Detector LMTDD-A100