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Sampling Bag LMSB-A112

Sampling Bag LMSB-A112

Sampling Bag LMSB-A112 is crafted with polyethylene material that hold a capacity of 3000 mL offer a dependable and controlling method for collecting and preserving samples. Integrated with secure sealing mechanisms, include zip-lock closures or heat-sealed seams, to prevent leakage and maintain sample containment. Incorporating the gamma radiation sterilizing procedure guarantee the samples collected are free from contaminants.

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Capacity 3000 mL
Size 356 × 254 mm
Thickness 106 μm
Wire Thickness 0.5 mm
Writing area No

point.png Material: Polyethylene

point.png Resistant to high temperature

point.png Sterilized by gamma irradiation

point.png DNase, RNase and Pyrogen free

Sampling Bag is widely used in laboratories and research institute for quality control and environmental monitoring include air sampling, gas sampling and liquid sampling.

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Sampling Bag LMSB-A112