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Sampling Bag LMSB-A109

Sampling Bag LMSB-A109

Sampling Bag LMSB-A109 is fully-innovative sampling bag provide convenient and controlled collection of samples, that maintains the samples' integrity during analysis. It accommodates the wearing capacity of 1260 mL that ensure convenient storage of sample at reliable condition. Equipped with secure sealing mechanisms to prevent sample leakage and maintain the integrity of the collected material.

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Capacity 1260 mL
Size 381 × 140 mm
Thickness 90 μm
Wire Thickness 2.5 mm
Writing area No

point.png Designed with polyethylene material exhibits resistance to high temperatures

point.png Convenient sample handling with minimal maintenance

point.png Intended with transparent polyethylene material allow clear observation of sample

point.png Suspended with the gamma radiation sterilizing method

point.png DNase, RNase and Pyrogen free maintaining the biological samples' integrity

Sampling Bag is widely used in laboratories and research institute for quality control and environmental monitoring include air sampling, gas sampling and liquid sampling.

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Sampling Bag LMSB-A109