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Refrigerator with Freezer LMRF-B203

Refrigerator with Freezer LMRF-B203

Refrigerator with Freezer LMRF-B203 is a smartly designed two-zone temperature refrigerator combined with a freezer. The designs facilitate two different temperature ranges in a single equipment. The refrigeration chamber's temperature can be adjusted from 2 °C to 8 °C. A temperature range of -10 °C to -26 °C can be set for the freezer chamber. It has a storage capacity of 519L. The outside is constructed from cold rolled steel, while the interior is made of stainless steel. A microprocessor controls both compartments, and the temperature inside is shown on an easy-to-read digital display.

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Capacity 519L, R:323L, F:196L
Temperature R: 2 to 8℃ F: (-10 to -26℃)
Climate Class N
Class Controller Microprocessor
Cooling Method Digital display
Compressor 2pcs
Defrost Mode R: Forced air cooling, F: Direct cooling
Refrigerant R: Automatic, F: Manual
Insulation Thickness R: 50 mm, F:100 mm
External Material Cold rolled steel sheet
Inner Material Stainless steel
Shelves R:3+1(stainless steel), F:6(ABS)
Lighting LED
Access Port 2pcs. Ø 25 mm
Casters 4(2 casters with brake)
Data Logging / Interval/ Recording Time USB/Record every 10 minutes / 2 years
Door with Heater Yes
Backup battery Yes
Electrical High/Low temperature, High ambient temperature
System Power failure, Low battery
Power Supply Sensor failure, Door ajar, Built-in USB datalogger failure, communication failure
Rated Power 110 V/60 HZ
Power Consumption 365 W
Current 4.75 KWh/24h
Standard 6.51 A
External Size (W × D × H) RS485, Remote alarm contact
Gross Weight 910 × 740 × 197 mm

point.png Environmentally-friendly Freon-free refrigerant is used

point.png A reliable compressor and fan ensure quick cooling, energy savings, and long-term operation

point.png The clear operational condition can be seen on the digital temperature monitor, and users can select, according to their requirements, the high temperature or low temperature alarm locations

point.png The thicker insulating layer and CFC-free polyurethane foam technology provide strong thermal insulation

point.png Easy export of data on USB

point.png High-precision computerized system for controlling temperature

point.png A superior audio and visual alarm system makes storage safer

point.png Defrosting can be operated manually or automatically

Refrigerator with Freezer are widely used in in research institutions, the electronic industry, the chemical industry, hospitals, the health & disease prevention system, laboratories in colleges & universities, military.

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Refrigerator with Freezer LMRF-B203