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PRP Centrifuge LMPR-A100

PRP Centrifuge LMPR-A100

PRP Centrifuge LMPR-A100 is designed for PRP extraction in the shortest amount of time possible, with programmable acceleration and deceleration time of 1min to 99 min. It has a capacity of 10-20 ml and a maximum speed range of 4000 rpm. The intuitive LED panel with soft touch buttons allows you to quickly set and recall speed and g-force 2750×g, as well as control all temperatures.

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Maximum RPM 4000 r/min
Maximum RCF 2750×g
Capacity 10ml, 20ml
Revolutions/Min ± 10 r/min
Noise Level ≤ 60dB
Chamber Diameter Φ380 mm
Timer 1 to 99 min
Power 450 W
Voltage AC 220±22V 50Hz
Dimension (L×W×H) 525×430×360 mm
Packaging Dimension (L×W×H) 600×500×440 mm
Net Weight 36 Kg
Gross Weight 48 Kg

point.png Compact size with high compatibility

point.png Microcomputer control with LED display

point.png Driven by AC frequency conversion motor for noiseless operation

point.png Equipped with shock absorber and auto-balance function

point.png Electronic locks with full steel inner cavity protection cover

point.png Automatic calculation of RCF value

point.png 1o-level speed control

point.png High sample throughput

point.png High safety, ease of use

point.png Pre-warning and alarm system

point.png High quality resistant protective layer

This centrifuge is suited to the separation of blood, platelets and different components of blood in medical practises, hospitals, blood bank centres, and various biological laboratories.

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PRP Centrifuge LMPR-A100