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Precision Balance LMBP-B100

Precision Balance LMBP-B100

Precision Balance LMBP-B100 is designed to handle a diverse range of weighing and measurement applications and is ideal for quality assurance facilities. It stimulates quick and efficient navigation with an informative color touch-screen display. It features a loading capacity of 0 to 100 g with 1 mg readability. Easily observe the inside sample through a motorized glass shield to protect against dust, grease, and other foreign contaminants.

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Weighing Range 0 - 100 g
Readability 1 mg
Calibration External
Calibration Weight 100 g
Repeatability 0.0002 g
Pan Size Φ 80 mm
Stable Time ≤ 8 s
Ambient Temperature 20 °C ± 7.5 °C
Relative Humidity 50 - 80 %
Operating Modes Basic weighing, Parts counting, Density weighing, Check weighing, Percentage weighing, Animal weighing
Voltage 220 V ; 50 Hz
Dimension 520 × 380 × 500 mm
Net Weight 10 kg

point.png Designed with a backlit LCD display with adjustable contrast for clear observation

point.png Supplied with level adjustment facility for an accurate and reliable result

point.png Configured with automatic calibration and multi-point correction system

point.png Integrated with electromagnetic load sensor to maintain temperature stability and uniformity

point.png Self-diagnostic functions include shorter stabilizing time

point.png Intended with an antistatic coating windshield to ensure safety and longevity

point.png In-built RS232 interface for easy connection with printer and PC

point.png Featuring measuring units including grams, milligrams, carats, ounces, and troy ounce

Model No Type Image
LB-01 Plier LB-01
LB-02 Universal Adapter LB-02
LB-03 Dust Cover LB-03
LB-04 Calibration Weight LB-04

It is commonly used in research and pharmaceutical laboratories to determine the mass of solids, liquids, powders, and granular substances.

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Precision Balance LMBP-B100