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Powdered Latex Gloves LMLG-A101

Powdered Latex Gloves LMLG-A101

Powdered Latex Gloves LMLG-A101 is designed with natural latex material that is easy to use with comfort and functionality. Featuring low moisture content below 0.8 % to ensure gloves remain dry during use to prevent microbial growth. Gripping is improved and handling objects is made easier by the texture of the gloves' fingers and palm

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Glove Length 240 mm
Glove Width 84 ± 3 mm
Glove Size Small
Finger Thickness 0.08 mm
Palm Thickness 0.08 mm

point.png Crafted from natural latex material ensures better working conditions

point.png It features a beaded cuff design providing a secure fit for enhancing both ease of putting on (donning) and taking off (doffing)

point.png Designed with texture on the palm and fingers, these gloves offer an enhanced grip for secure hold

point.png Easily adjustable with effortless handling

point.png Color Availability: Milky White, Beige, Blue and Black

It is extensively used in research facilities, laboratories, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, and medical fields for clinical examination, and surgical procedures for sample handling.

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Powdered Latex Gloves LMLG-A101