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Polystyrene Solution Reservoirs LMSR-A104

Polystyrene Solution Reservoirs LMSR-A104

Polystyrene Solution Reservoirs LMSR-A104 is designed with rectangular-like shape with a flat bottom, that hold a capacity of 25 mL allowing for easy pouring and retrieval of liquids. Utilized for single-use, disposable applications that minimizes the risk of cross-contamination. Accommodate both 8-channel and 12-channel pipettes ensure effortless liquid handling.

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Capacity 25 mL
Sterility Sterile

point.png Crafted with Virgin Polystyrene ensures consistency, clarity, and cleanliness in the material

point.png Utilized with graduated volume markings to assist in accurate measurements

point.png Suitable with standard methods including automated liquid handling systems, pipetting, and liquid dispensing

point.png Equipped with poring spouts in each corner

point.png The tapered "V" bottom shape maximizes liquid solution recovery, guaranteeing effective use

point.png Intended with non-sterilized and electron beam sterilized method

Polystyrene Solution Reservoirs is widely used in laboratories and research institute for preparing and dispensing cell culture media, buffers, and reagents.

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Polystyrene Solution Reservoirs LMSR-A104