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Polypropylene Funnels LMPF-A105

Polypropylene Funnels LMPF-A105

Polypropylene Funnels LMPF-A105 is a highly indispensable funnel that exhibits an impressive resistance to acids and alkalis, ideal for handling a wide range of chemical substances. Delivered a perfect 60° angle in its funnel tapering guarantees ideal liquid flow and facilitates controlled transfers. Enhanced with resistant autoclaving's harsh conditions, guaranteeing a sterile environment for critical experiments.

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Diameter 120 mm
Type Short Stem
Height 133 mm
Stem length 45 mm
Stem External diameter 19 mm

point.png Integrated with noncytotoxic polypropylene plastic material to ensure safety

point.png Tapered at a 60° angle ensures effortless handling of a sample at reliable conditions

point.png Employed with autoclaving techniques, ensuring a contamination-free environment for sensitive experiments

point.png Improved acid and alkali resistance prevent protection against corrosive substances

point.png Minimal Maintenance with convenient handling

point.png Greater adaptability with safety and sanitation

point.png Worry-free cleaning with high durability and reliability

It is widely used in laboratories, the pharmaceutical industry, and research institutes to protect the pipette and the sample from the aerosol.

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Polypropylene Funnels LMPF-A105