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Polypropylene Beakers LMBR-A106

Polypropylene Beakers LMBR-A106

Polypropylene Beakers LMBR-A106 is a compact and lightweight beaker with a capacity of 250 mL enhanced with accurate mL graduations facilitating easy and reliable volume assessments. Designed with high-quality polypropylene materials ensures the stirring, heating, and mixing of liquids with safety. Include withstands autoclaving at 120 °C, which ensures aseptic conditions and effective sterilization.

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Capacity 250 mL
Graduation Range 25 - 150 mL

point.png Crafted with high-quality polypropylene, this beaker ensures durability, chemical resistance, and a long-lasting solution

point.png Supplied with tough and durable material offers good resistance to breakage and cracking

point.png Improved rigid construction offers stability allowing for accurate measurements and observations

point.png Facilitated with the translucent nature of the material provides clear visibility of liquid levels

point.png Enhanced with (mL) graduation on the beaker allows for precision measuring capabilities for exact volume evaluations

point.png Minimal maintenance with hygienic cleaning

It is widely used in laboratories, pharmaceutical industries, hospitals, and research institutes for mixing, stirring, filtering, pouring, and transferring liquid samples.

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Polypropylene Beakers LMBR-A106