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Polypropylene Beaker With Handle LMBH- A101

Polypropylene Beaker With Handle LMBH- A101

Polypropylene Beaker With Handle LMBH- A101 is improved with a convenient handle that provides a secure and comfortable grip especially when dealing with hot liquids or during pouring. With 500 mL loading capacity makes handling samples easy and allows for regulated pouring, which improves accuracy when pouring liquids. Facilitates effective sterilization and guarantees aseptic conditions via autoclaving at temperatures up to 120 °C.

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Capacity 500 mL

point.png Equipped with a handle ensures safety by reducing the risk of accidental spills or mishandling

point.png Constructed with high-grade polypropylene material making it ideal for both sterile and non-sterile applications

point.png Highly Chemically Resistant with safety and sanitation

point.png Incorporated polypropylene's transparency quality allows perfect monitoring of the sample during intuitive operation

point.png Featuring accurate mL graduations, facilitating easy and reliable volume assessments during operation

point.png Hygienic cleaning with high reliability and durability

point.png Cost-effective maintenance requirements

It is widely used in laboratories, pharmaceutical industries, hospitals, and research institutes for mixing, stirring, filtering, pouring, and transferring liquid samples.

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Polypropylene Beaker With Handle LMBH- A101