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Polyethylene Wash Bottle LMWB-A101

Polyethylene Wash Bottle LMWB-A101

Polyethylene Wash Bottle LMWB-A101 is designed with a narrow nozzle and a squeezable body can hold a capacity of 500 mL control the flow of liquid, making it easy to precisely dispense during sample handling. Suspended with a venting system to avoid internal pressure building, guaranteeing a smooth and controlled liquid dispensing. Our Bottle is improved with wide mouth, facilitating easy refilling and cleaning maintain laboratory hygiene and preventing cross-contamination.

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Capacity 500 mL
Height 140 mm
Mouth Diameter 0.8 mm

point.png Material: Low Density Polyethylene

point.png Tip can be cut back to provide increased flow

point.png Colored Screw Cap (Green, Blue, Red, Yellow, White)

point.png Chemically resistant to strong acids or alkali

Polyethylene Wash Bottle is widely used in laboratories and research institute for storing and transporting various liquids, reagents, and laboratory solutions.

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Polyethylene Wash Bottle LMWB-A101